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Age Calculator: Age estimation, Calculate your age at any point in time,Calculate your next birthday from date of birth using this online age calculator. How Old Am I? Calculate Age in Days Weeks Months Since Birth Download Age Calculator App.

Features of Age Calculator App:

– Calculate your actual age/anniversary in years, age/anniversary in months and age/anniversary in days by giving you date     of birth or Anniversary.
– Calculate date difference in years, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes and seconds by date calculator
– Easily find out how many Month and days remaining for your next birthday or anniversary.
– Upcoming 10 birthdays or anniversary with days name.
– Easily share your actual age to other.
– Save birthday or anniversary and schedule automatic wishes etc.

Using this handy Age Calculator you can calculate the age of your baby, family, and everyone.

If you want to find Age Calculator then it is Overall looking for a Chronological age or anniversary calculator then this is your best option in age Calculator.

Age Calculator By Date Of Birth (Days, Months)
Calculation of age with interesting details!
If you want to know the details of your age, then install the Age Calculator.

Age calculator: When you open google play store there we have to search Ryan Leo Apps then select Age Calculator App and install it is 6.3mb app size. click age calculator button then give your data of birth and continue bellow picture.

Date interval calculator:  choose from date and choose to date From date – To date.

Days countdown: find no of days from today to selected date, select date.

Send Wishes: send birthday wishes automatically to your friends or relatives. set your friend name and mobile number, email id, text message.

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