Funny Chase Challenge App

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Super Fun Challenges To Play With Friends

Funny Chase Challenge is very interesting, addictive and time pass chase game. You have to help the smiley escape from the other angry smiles chasing him.

If angry smiley catch player smiley then game will be over. As you continue play chase will become faster and faster.

While playing you will get any of three power ups shield, pill or burger. The power up valid for 10 seconds. Smiley became fat on eating a burger. Smiley will became slim by taking a pill. Shield will help you to survive for next 10 seconds from enemy.

Funny Chase Challenge App:

Kids as well as adults can enjoy playing this game its absolutely free.

Enjoy the game, achieve your best score and challenge your friends. Go ahead and crush your best friends high score.

Are you searching for fun and challenge game for kids? Consider these fun challenges game or app.

Everyone playing knows it is just a fun game and challenge game for escaping from killer.

Challenging for Game Score reach above 100
Responsive interface game
Enjoy crazy Funny Chase Challenge Game
escape more and quickly angry smiles
We present the exciting games for the chase challenge fanatics App. This game that involve chasing smile angrier & most fun when played with angry smiles.

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